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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Answers to some difficult questions......

These are some answers to some questions a reader posted in relation to my eclipse blog.......

There is so much happening, so so much out there and inside of us all, just look at the news and our own lives and the lives of the people around us, for the prof that this is so...... and I don't think it is just due to this time of year either. I think maybe time is speeding up, there are a lot of shifts going on and basically, astro event after astro event, propelling us into these shifts...... if you believe in it, it makes sense, macro/micro that sort of stuff, but its all happening rather fast and rather consecutively so much so that its hard to ignore, at least for me.

Answers your questions........

In fact so much feminine.... is that (basically) largely due to the eclipse?

The short answer is YES and NO.... lol, I am not sure it is due to the eclipse, a lot of astrology is masculine based IE, most of the planets are masculine..... I tend to look at the asteroids as well, which are feminine in archetype, so I see and talk about the feminine aspects a lot , to balance it out so to speak. But what we are dealing with is very strong placements of feminine bodies making a lot of aspects to this eclipse, working beneficially and I think that the cosmos or astro climate is asking us to work it out, or balance out the feminine.

Remember the feminine is not really womankind in general, its actually the inner parts of ourselves the parts we keep hidden, and the parts we think are not worthy of our support and love and compassion, this eclipse points to bring this out in the open and facing this disease of humanity in a beneficial cathartic way, in order for us to assess, look at, redefine and redetermine the way in which we will relate to these parts of ourselves in the future. It could express itself differently in each of our lives, changing the structure and the dynamics of our reality forever, if we pay attention and respect that this is a process that is taking ourselves to the next level of our humanity, for our planet, each other, our society and its wrongs and abuses to the feminine, IE bullying, greed, selfishness, etc.

The feminine is asking us to see these wrongs and try to make them into rights, knowing that what we do to others, we are ultimately doing to ourselves. This eclipse makes it clear and all the feminine here is supporting us to tell our story in an uplifting cathartic way, to the benefit of balancing out these problems once and for all. One way to do this in yourself would be to get in touch and treat ourselves and our love ones in our lives with respect and honesty, being willing to be vulnerable.......the dynamics of the relationship of masculine and feminine are changing and if we get right with this balance we could all see an altered reality, and ultimately a better life for ourselves and the planet.

Do you think this is the lull (time to breathe) before the storm though?

Um, Yes and NO .I don't think it is, it is a little breather for sure, but not before a storm, for all, only for some, it depends on what reality bases each of us are coming from, if we are doing the work and getting on board with what needs to be balanced in this process things should be fine, but if we are not then I am afraid some may experience this as the perfect storm!!!

The main thing is this is the beginning of the shift, there are big changes a foot in the world at large and in our own individual selves, As weather we believe it or not this astrologically is the beginning of the shift of the ages, the Age of Aquarius.

Big change can be a difficult process, its messy and its scary and can be a lot like birth, we will see this expressed in our world especially in the news and in mother earth....... they key is here, is that things that need to change will and things that don't won't, I think, so as far as a storm coming Yes and in the outer world Yes, but if we maintain our vigilance and balance inside ourselves to not get swept up in it, and act with integrity and maintain our connection to our selves, and our centers, then NO.
I hope that answer is okay, and I know it looks like I have covered all bases here, lol, but there is a method to the madness.

Blessings and love,


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