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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Breath........between.......The Eclipses

It is the breath between.........the silence........It is like a giant cosmic chess game, the Sun and the Moon are dancing with the nodes, and the past and the future combine, within our selves and what is in our hearts. We have a little time to think about, what we want to bring into our collective future. We have a choice now, for more of the same, or to dance to a new tune.......finally settling with the past and bringing in a new paradigm, to fit our new lives, our new year and our new selves.
As mercury stations direct in Sagittarius today, we can finally breath.........all planetary bodies are in forward motion heading into the new year. This is something that is rare and auspicious and it bodes well for new beginnings. It is like the planets are combining their momentum, to give us the impetuous to move forward into our futures.
Mercury has been rethinking, about our relationship to the source, God and our higher power. He has also been thinking about how to bring that relationship into our sense of self and into our everyday lives. He is asking us, what we want to reach for and bring into our reality. Before the New Year, and as Mercury starts to move forward, into the future, he gives as these insights as an ultimate gift...........We can breath........... in the silence.
Things start to heat up on the 4th of January, with the solar eclipse. This is a conjunction of the sun and the moon, near the mid point of Capricorn. So our personality's will be eclipsed by our hearts, Our hearts will take the lead in moving us throughout the next three months and beyond. Being in Capricorn the sign of power and structures, it stands to reason that the heart is going to have some things to say here, and if we listen, I think we may find that this year we are in for a much needed restructure of our core power issues. This will lead to a reality that will become, more based in the heart, letting what is not of the heart fall away, gently or not so gently depending on how hard you hold on. Falling as it dose, so close to the New years day, this eclipse is sure to colour the rest of our year as well.......
So this meeting of luminaries is a saving grace for the masculine and feminine power struggles we have been experiencing and struggling with. Not so much that the feminine will take over, but that she will lead the way through, with love and compassion, toward the peace and healing that we are so much in need of in our reality bases. Especially in the masculine, he needs healing desperately, and the moon will lovingly bring this to the fore, in her compassionate way, but watch out, it may be experienced as tough love, also.
All the players are ready in Capricorn and are forming a stellium, to be privy to the lesson the moon will bring on the eclipse. We have Pluto (outer transformation), Ceres( inner transformation) coming up the rear, Pallas athene ( feminine warrior), Mars (Masculine warrior) as well as Sol (personality self)and the moon maiden (inner self), this makes for one lesson that these planets, who are on the centre stage in the sign of power (Capricorn), won't soon forget. As you can probably see, this looks to me like a showdown!!! Where we face off and fight for our futures, for our reality, for the balance, for everything we stand for and everything we have worked for, It now gets placed on the table and played for keeps. The power base is shifting......
The moon is one brave lady dancing her way into this party. She has plenty of support though, there are many other planets in this mix, making formations at the time of the eclipse, that can be viewed of as championing her cause........
Firstly a mystic rectangle is forming at the base of proceedings, werein Sedna ( deep unconscious feminine) and Juno (feminine; partnering), the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (basically; big change) and Venus (love embodiment) are forming, trines and sextiles (beneficial)to each other, in late water and earth signs, this on its own is a powerful feminine combination. The signs are feminine and most of the planets are feminine, with the exception of Jupiter and Uranus, which in Pisces is very much like a couple of fairy god fathers bringing rapid amounts of energy and change up from the unconscious. So you see these planets are all in on it, and to the benefit of the moon, provide a boost of loving, partnering, deep, beneficial change to support the moon in the energies of this eclipse.
Senda and Juno, also form not only the base of this mystic rectangle, but the base of a grand trine with Ceres as well, this gives Ceres (remember; Inner transformation) the energy to go up against Pluto, basically the grand trine issues a deep unconscious desire to partner with inner transformation of self and provides a message to the other polarity to follow suit. Along the axis of Ceres/Sedna in this grand trine, it forms a kite(two sextiles and trine; again beneficial) with Jupiter/Uranus again, so you see there is a lot of work these other planets behind the scenes, its like they are having their own party and empowering each other, having not been invited or included in the Capricorn one!!!
Meanwhile, some of the personal planets namingly, venus and mars are in a receptive sextile to each other having a conversation, the two most representative masculine feminine planets are like romeo and Juliet on the balcony at the party, only shes not invited but the are communicating anyway, mars is also communing with some other females; trining sendna (deep feminine) and sextiling Lilith ( rejected feminine), I think he is trying to do some fancy footwork here to get himself in the clear.
Mercury in sag, remember he has a bee in his bonnet about the source and how to apply it in reality, is sextileing ( in conversation with) Neptune (higher love) and Saturn (stability), trying to form a plan with them about how to go forth in the new year, These guys were not invited to the party either but they are jovial none the less.
Although saturn is upset and squaring the eclipse point, maybe because he was not invited creating pressure on the hosts sol and Luna, maybe this is as it should be, as a reminder we need to do the work, be disciplined in our approach because after all this is about the next morning and the rest of the year and not the party at all.
Finally Venus is squaring off to the Neptune/ chiron conjunction, and Lilith is squaring off to mercury, this is pointing to a deep confrontation of the healing kind, like when you have a really massive fight with someone you love and its extremely painful but cathartic at the same time, the feminine is angry she needs to vent, but once she has done so , higher love and healing will follow.
The masculine will take this all in and slowly begin to rework his reality, to cope with the changes to the status quo, thereby reliving himself of responsibility and blame and recovering a sense of dignity and humility, in his push for healing.
All in all this is one heck of a conversation going on at this party, amongst the invited and the uninvited alike.
The major crux of this eclipse will be if we can work together on balance and inclusion despite our differences and bring healing to all aspects of our lives, live with our hearts and look through a compassionate lens. If we can take this lesson into the new year with us, It just may work out.
We might be able to breath again.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New world eclipse, on the solstice....

On the solstice this Christmas there is a very powerful full moon, which is actually lunar Eclipse, the moon will go into the darkness for a moment in time, to makes us aware of her message. This is very auspicious time of year and the themes of this eclipse will continue to affect us throughout the next six months.

This aligned opposition between the luminaries, is actually, offset in a grand cross formation. So the Sun, the Moon, the asteroid Vesta, and the planet Jupiter form a grand cross, across the eclipse point. This is in mutable signs, so it is a very flexible, malleable energy that surrounds us. Expanding the subconscious (Jupiter in Pisces) about everyday feminine values and home life marriage (Juno in Virgo), both in opposition and squared to an informed talkative mother Moon and a searching father Sun, this push pull of this grand cross is trying to bring us closer to our essential masculine feminine self, and our subconscious conscious undertakings, bringing a more positive masculine attitude in view of our everyday and sometimes overworked under valued female nurturing selves.

The masculine is trying to pull away and pretend that freedom and positively is his birthright, and the feminine is entreating him to look at all the responsibility she has loaded on her, to keep house and to mother whilst, and be a good wife/lover, not being able to have the ability to pull away and say I want out. She simultaneously will entreat the sun to view her reasoning and at the same time keep it all going. I think there is going to be some eye opening home truths for all of mankind unfolding over the next six months, especially if the feminine can keep her cool and get on with it, yet find the expansion and freedom she so needs in everyday life amidst the backdrop of her responsibilities, this may just do it if she keeps positive and true to herself. The sun and Jupiter cant fail to see her and the realization will slowly dawn on them (the masculine), in maybe a sudden ah ha moment that she has been carrying all this herself and birthing a new understanding about how life and this world could be, without the old blaming and fighting structures of the past. For she can not help but love and she will put all her effort and love into this new beginning for the world, with or without the fathers approval or any masculine help. He will get it, and when he dose he will be so so humbled with the realization of what he sees, and how much she has endured and what she has managed with so little, the sun and Jupiter along side him will be falling over them selves to help ease her load. To give her time and help and space and freedom, all the things he has been taking for himself with no regard, this I think is what will bring about the balance we all need so badly, no more blaming shaming fighting and disrespect. But the beginnings of an understanding, that in giving and cooperation we can come together to work together and build a better place for ourselves and our children’s future.

Helping the moon and Juno’s cause are the feminine ruled, Lillith and Venus. They are deep in the water signs, in a very emotional trine to each other, both forming a sexitile to a stoic masculine mars in earthed in Capricorn, very much like they have cornered him in a very intimate way and trying to positively, but passively inform him of their positions, its time for the masculine to feel the disenfranchised feminine sadness and see how he actually takes feeling for a moment, what it is like in her shoes. With all these dark emotions, from these two girls giving him the what for, in the only way they can, through the heart. Its like he is standing on dry land on an island and he can see both these them in the ocean beyond and the ocean rolls up and splashes upon him like an emotional tsunami of sorts, he will also get it, as there is another feminine planet Senda, that rules the deep dark oceanic feminine, and she is trining vesta backing these two up, in a message that will be so, so clear.

With all these feminine bodies working for us upon this years eclipse, we are so due to see a more positive healthy change in life on this planet. Over the next six months, it will be like a light finally goes on and all the deep unearthed feelings and thoughts of the past season of Venus retrograde, and all that was involved there, will finally be aired, and brought to the surface and to the light, and seen for what they are. Then we can finally move on to heal the imbalance and wounds that are on both sides of this story, into what maybe a more loving and caring, equal and understanding future for us all.

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