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Sunday, April 17, 2011

There is hope..... the rules are changing. Full Moon Libra 2011

Our thoughts turn to our relationships this full moon and especially our commitment to those we hold dear. Is it working for us or against us? We are asking ourselves some important questions with regards to our connections and reviewing them, as to if they are living up to what we envision.

With Saturn (restriction) and Luna (nurture) in Libra, the sign of partnerships and balance, forming a conjunction, they are having it out with each other and trying to find a compromise in the balance. The moon is at her peak this full moon and still very close to the earth, so she has a lot of persuasive powers, acting for her and Saturn is in retrograde, meaning he is retracting and looking for change, which is saying something as, Saturn doesn’t do change to well at the best of times.

But the winds of change are blowing again, can you feel it? Autumn in the south and Spring in the north. The wind changed last week literally, did you feel it?

As mercury (our thoughts) is in retrograde, forming an opposition with mother moon and father time, along with a host of other planets (Mars, Jupiter, Sun) forming a stellium in Aries, the fiery sign of independence, there is a lot of opposition and tempers could flare and feelings will be aroused, at this time, it is an emotionally volatile mix with a lot of activity and opposition. We have things to say to those people in our lives who matter, about our needs and wants, but things may get a little heated or edgy. This needs to happen, just make sure its relayed with good intentions and tact, the key here is new forms of communication and keeping true to the self but with the others self also in mind. Really we are reviewing our commitments and rethinking and restructuring them.

We may be looking at why we are here in these partnerships and how we can structure them to give us more freedom and to still be realigned to our vision, of how we want to live our lives. Regardless of whether we are looking for an escape or to recommit to a primary relationship, these independence vs. commitment issues are being rethought and rewritten, to align with our futures. We have a lot to say to each other, at this time and the rules are changing….

However, there is hope… its just a little tight and scary and in your face…. and while these planets are having it out with each other, we should be mindful that this is a process that needs to happen, like that conversation we don’t want to have, but has to take place in order to move forward, once again, and we will feel all the better for it, after the fact. All relationships will be affected and are under pressure, family, friends, loved ones, as well as workplace relations. There will be changes to structure and power struggles to come…. remaining true to our integrity and ourselves may well just see us through.

Luna is also trine to Neptune newly in Pisces during this full moon asking him to reflect her light through the oceans of feelings he is swimming through, she is appealing to him to be her emissary, as she is being bombarded in opposition to her plight with all those rough house boys in Aries, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in stellium are really trying as a group to break free and cut them selves off, go rouge. She hopes to get a message to the sun, as the leader and more level headed of the pack and Neptune will be the one to bring it as he forms a sextile to sol, making the lady lunas intentions known for her amid the ruckus. Her intentions state balance and calm above all else…. and selfish desires will not be tolerated, we need to learn to work and live together. Or something along those lines.

With another eclipse season looming, we get need to get clear…. it has been a hot and heavy few months astrologically, like the surface under our emotional and spiritual feet is shifting, just like physically with earth quakes and tsunamis it has literally been, so is it with ourselves…but we are about to break new ground. No longer content with the status quo, Pluto forms a T square across the axis of this full moon and this long term formation with Saturn (constriction) Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (breaking down) will bring with it irrevocable change to all aspects of our lives. We are asked to look at what we want and at our close ties, before we bust open all the other outdated and constrictive structures we have been living under for too long, 2011 full moon in Libra, gets us clear on ourselves and those around us first.

This full moon, all our old out dated attitudes of realating and commitments are finally going to be given their marching orders and the space that this creates in our lives will give us a new platform from which to grow new commitments, new ideas, and new beauty...... its kind of saying..... Let it go , and let's go.